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Shops don’t generally reveal their deals until their sale goes live but we will endeavour to bring the offers to you on here but suggest you check out the links to the website. Our sister site will post out new offers as we get notified.


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Save yourself from the hustle and bustle of shopping when you shop online in the comfort of your own home environment.



We deliver quality razors to your door, whenever you need.


ShaveKit has a mission to deliver a better shave, for less. The most important thing for our members is a great shave, we don’t buy into expensive razor gimmicks like motorised handles and rotating balls. We keep it simple.

We’ve worked with our manufacturers to create a great shave, with simple and no fuss Shave cream and bathroom essentials. We deliver a great shave, for less.Your first £5 box will get you: 5 ceramic-coated carbon steel blades, Precision trimmer edge, Easy rinse. The rubber coating and the pronounced profile ensure optimum grip in wet conditions. Shaving cream, face scrub, post shave balm, the SK razor handle and 4 SK-5 cartridges.



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