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The Radfan has been designed from the ground up to be a simple self install product. It secures by magnets to the top of your radiator and installs in less than 30 seconds – it’s just like installing a reading lamp.  With various sizes available for most type of radiators.

The Radfan is the only independently verified and fully guaranteed radiator fan proven to make you warmer and save money

Proven Energy Savings – Funded by the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Radfan has been extensively trialed and tested in labs and real world homes to make sure that the Radfan helps you feel warmer and reduce your energy bill.

Total Expected Energy Savings – 2595 kWh reduction in heating energy use£106 saved per year.


Our thermostat wireless device will turn your electric fire or radiator into a thermostatically controlled device which ensure you only use electricity to heat the room to the desired ambient temperature and turns the electrical fire on when the temperature is below that required and turns it off again when it rise half a degree above the desired room temperature. All easily controlled by a wireless device and you can change the temperature just by a + or – button and it will constantly monitor and show you the the room temperature. It will also work the same way with electrical fans to ensure they are only running when they are needed and are not on constantly burning energy. All of this will reduce your energy costs. See more products like these at


These are a great idea especially for the elderly or people suffering with a disability. The Rechargeable Heat Pod is safer and more convenient than a traditional hot water bottle, the ceramic Rechargeable Heat Pod keeps you warm for longer whether at home or out and about. It prevents accidents  as there is no hot water required it completely removes the risk from leaks and scalding.

Charging in just 5 minutes, the pod stays warm for up to 6 hours and can be simply recharged when it cools just th thing you need when cuddling up at home on cold nights. Measures Dia. 15cm x H6.2cm (6in x 2.5in).

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Reduce The Cost of Your Energy Bills

With the cost of energy bills steadily increasing year after year, many are wondering if it will ever let up. Energy prices are already rising more quickly than the average salary, and many people are struggling to pay bills.  But there is something you can do about it without the need to change your energy supplier or use complicated wi-fi apps which are themselves a gateway into your smart mobile devices if not secured correctly. ‘Now there are a range of energy smart devices that will both help to reduce your energy bills and help your home to become more energy efficient and safer.

They will allow you to heat and cool your home in a more cost efficient manner and make your home safer. These devices not only save you money off your energy bill but can be used to better protect you and your home from unwanted intruders and reduce the fire hazard for you & your family. They are easy to set up without the need for a professional tradesman to visit your home. Visit to see how you can ‘Stop Burning Money’ and become more energy efficient.

In a typical UK household, more than half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water.

HOMES heated by steam or circulating hot water have radiators. It’s likely that a lot of heat is being wasted because the hot water circulates through the system and back to the boiler without ever losing all of its heat to the air inside the house.When this happens, people tend to turn the thermostat higher than normally required, thus adding considerably to the heating bill.

After the hot water heats the radiator, heat is supposed to be radiated into the room. The heat actually warms the air in two ways: by radiation and convection. Older-style free-standing radiators of cast iron consist of multiple sections that allow air to flow through and around. The cast iron stores heat, which will continue radiating out into the room for some time after the heat goes off.

So it stands to reason that the hot water circulating through your central heating system and passing through the radiators is constant and the boiler is burning gas in its main gas burner at a constant rate as well. The radiators are designed in such a way that the heat is radiated off and the air surrounding is then distributed around the room through convection. The boiler is controlled by a thermostat and a timer to ensure this is constant throughout.

Now if there was a way to set the boiler to burn gas in the main gas burner only when it was actually required rather than at a constant rate then it stands to reason that we would use less gas consumption and our energy bills would be lower, well it seems there is a way to achieve it.

For a modest outlay of less than £25 plus P&P, you will receive a remote control device that achieves all that and more with full instructions in its use. We have scoured the markets for such a device and this proved fruitless until now. But its not only the remote device itself that is important, but it is how it is installed and used that will give you maximum savings on your utility bills. On purchase you will be sent a full list of instructions along with the remote device which will allow you to maximise savings without having to change your energy supplier. Rest assured this is the best way to save money on your utility bills and the remote device is only available from Energy Smart Solutions. 

The wireless plug thermostat will operate as a room thermostat that constantly measures the temperature in the room and will switch on or off heating devices as required.  This can easily be programmed to change the room temperature using only two buttons on the remote. This will control any electric radiators or electric fires in the room. It will also control any fans that may be running which ensure that the electric fans are only in use as required. So now instead of leaving the electric fire on constantly burning energy, it can be controlled through the use of this wireless room thermostat. Controls any standard equipment ie. electric fires, electric radiators and electric fans remotely up to 3000 watts.
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