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landlord for a residential or commercial with

Mortgage protection covers your monthly mortgage should you suffer an accident, sickness or unemployment. You can choose the level of cover such as unemployment only, accident and sickness cover or complete ASU cover. You can also choose how long you’d like this policy for.

Owning a holiday home many seem like a privilege to many but it could be just as stressful as having a live in , perhaps even more so as the owners aren’t typically present all the time. Having a holiday home in the UK usually has all the same risks as any other dwelling. It could be vulnerable to flooding, fire, burglary and damage in much the same way and the chances are that the could be stood empty more frequently. As a result any holiday home owner may want to invest in holiday home that covers their particular property fully in the event of anything going wrong.

If a home is left for a long period or the owner intends to leave the property then it could be that their standard home is no longer appropriate. If the home was left empty for longer than the period allowed and a claim was necessary then it could make a standard home policy void leaving the owner responsible for repairs on their own.

Commercial property insurance can protect not just the money that you’ve invested, in the building and contents but also your ability to make future earnings. Cover can include buildings, stock, equipment, loss of income, business interruption, commercial property owners liability and employers liability.

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