The International Green Travel List

Confirmed Countries as per 17/5/2021

Gibraltar, Portugal including Azores and Madeira,
Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Israel,
Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Brunei,

What countries are expected to be on the green list? Full list of 18 countries

INTERNATIONAL travel is scheduled to reopen for non-essential holidaymakers from May 17, but which countries are expected to be on the green list?

International travel has been banned for millions since the coronavirus pandemic began. The ban on foreign holidays will be lifted on May 17 and instead replaced with a three-tiered traffic light system. The Government will designate each country in each category depending on each nation’s risk level related to the ongoing crisis.

Leisure travel however is due to resume from May 17 according to the Government’s lockdown easing roadmap. Each country will be categorised as red, amber or green, depending on the risk level of coronavirus in each nation.

This will then determine whether countries are classed as green – safe to fly to without needing quarantine on return, amber – can be visited but travellers must isolate for 10 days after arriving back in the UK, or red – direct flights are banned and any Brits returning to the UK must stay in a government-mandated hotel at their expense.

For Green list countries, the following measures will be required:

  • One test within 72 hours of departure to England
  • At least one test on arrival back in England, which could be a lateral flow test, which are free to all from April 9.

For Amber list countries, the following measures will be required:

  • A pre-departure test
  • Mandatory quarantine for 10 days at home
  • PCR tests on two and eight, with the option to pay for an extra test on day five to be released from isolation early.
  • Rules could be more flexible for fully vaccinated people, with no home quarantine period.

For Red list countries, the following measures will be required:

  • Compulsory hotel quarantine costing up to £1,750 per person, for 11 days with pre-departure tests and testing on days two and eight
  • Direct flights from red-list countries are banned
  • Britons living in red-list countries must fly home via a third nation.

Despite no confirmation as of yet, many travel and Covid experts have hazarded guesses as to which countries are most likely to be on the green list.

Likely Green countries include the following:

According to research from the travel agency PC Agency, the most likely Green list countries will include the following:

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