I’m A Savvy Shopper

People have been emailing  how useful they have found the website and how it has saved them money. See a few examples below:

Abby says –  My son’s birthday coming up soon, went on your site after seeing it on Facebook, I saw some big name stores on there and checked out how much a games console was to buy, then I saw a store name I hadn’t heard of, was amazed to see the same console was reduced by £50 which delighted my partner. Then when I checked out the voucher saw I got an extra £10 off as a new customer and I got free delivery.  £60 makes a big difference and I would have been none the wiser if I hadn’t seen your site. You say you have over 450 shops on there what a choice as well but I learn’t a valuable lesson, it’s worth shopping around and even try out unknown stores like I did and you might find yourself a bargain and not forgetting the voucher codes to get even more off. Happy Bunny, with the savings I treated myself to a new coat to and got 25% off as well. I am a converted Savvy Shopper.

Sam says – I just came across your website and used Savvy Shopper UK for the first time to find a car part I need for my motor. Saved myself £4.79 just by quoting the voucher code on the website. I found one of the accessory car sites already reduced special offer price from £59.52 down to £28.16 (bargain already) then I searched for a voucher on the page and found one offering 17% that reduced my purchase price still further to £23.37. I quoted the promo code on the order page and by selecting economy I get free delivery as well. Just wanted to thanks for making this possible and to let you know I will be a Savvy Shopper from now on.

Maahs says – We love your website, it has nice information, Thanks!

Rodney says – We like your website, it has interesting articles, Have a great day!

Brittany says – I really love your web site, it has good content, Have a nice day!

Bob – Fantastic site who wouldn’t want to pay less.

Siobhan – It’s really helped me save a few quid on my shopping, just Greatttttt……